Entity Diagram Export (Improvement)
Development Environment 10.0.902.0

In Service Studio to export a Entity Diagram to Image we need to go to eSpace Menu, click Export and then "... to Image".

Many new users don't know that a Diagram can be exported to an image, or waste some time finding this. Why not add a more direct link to this action?

In here:

Or here:

Nice idea! So simple but will add value. I hope it gets implemented soon.

i might add that the current export takes a snapshot of the visible part of the diagram. We need to export the full diagram even if there is scrolling.

Ha! Did you know I didn't even knew this was possible? Man, they've hidden it well... +1!

I would just like to make the remark, I saw this on release notes of Development Environment 10.0.902.0. But I'm pretty sure the outcome of the new 'Export' is not the intent :x What it does is basically taking a screenshot, if the diagram doesn't fit in the screen, which is our issue it still cuts.

I was really expecting an export that does take the overall layout and puts it in a picture : )

2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha
Changed the status to
on 21 Aug 2018

Hey Carlos,

I'm glad to announce that your idea has been implemented recently and now you can easily export your entity diagrams using a simple right-click. You can find your contributions in latest Service Studio's version release notes:


Hope you like it ;)

Hey Vasco

This is not useful for a large or big entity diagram.it will take just screen shot

The export feature implies that it will generate an image of the entities that are included in the window but instead is a screen shot. I could solve that problem using snip it.