Pick which methods to import from a WSDL
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While importing a web service it would be nice to be allowed to choose the methods that we want to import, and not import all methods.

If a WSDL has for example 20 method, all methods are imported together with their respective structures. If we intend to use only one of the methods, the rest are useless.

(originally proposed by Cláudio Oliveira)

IMHO this would be a nice improvement.
Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q3 2018

Hi Davide,

This feature will be released on OutSystems 11 with the new SOAP features.


Changed the status to
on 26 Sep 2018

Hi Davide,

This feature was implemented and released in OS 11 with the new SOAP consume feature.

As usual, a special thank you to the idea creator, Davide, in our release notes.

Don't forget to check OutSystems 11 what's new to see all the new features that were released:


Thanks a lot, this feature is very wellcome.