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There must be a way where user can creat own template outside and import them or  inside the application "Service Studio"  from the scratch. 

You can create an eSpace with all core features you want and then you can clone it many times (acting like a template)  - Would this solve your problem?
Hi Robert
Well my requirement is something of this sort.  I would like to create my own application whereby the entire GUI fits my requirement. 

you can see the attachment what I would like to do with the grid controls. 
By seeing the above image 
Can you kindly suggest how we can get to design the application which can use the 100% of the screen and also which is responsive.

What I presume would work perfect would be if the grid is controlled by % values or if we can increase the number of grids in the system...

It would even be better if we can bootstrap it directly from external location.

Any Suggestion 
Kayala, Anything you can do in html, css, javascript you can implement into outsystems service studio. I don't see any issues in implementing your response design, what issues are you facing with implementing your design?
Here's what I do.  Create an eSpace called Template (or something similar).  Use the London theme as the base theme since it is already responsive.  Modify the Theme for Template to include any CSS you need or leave it blank for now and fix it later.  Create a new web block and use Placeholder widgets for each piece of content you need.  (Use the Layout_Normal created by the London theme as an example.)  Based on your image I believe you'll need at least seven placeholders.  Once completed with the layout you want, be sure to make the web block public.

Create an eSpace for your application and reference the Template eSpace and the web block you created.  Create an new web screen and drag the web block onto the screen.  Fill the placeholder areas with the actual content you want.

This should go a long way to achieving what you want by it does take some experimentation.  By using a referenced template, you only maintain it in one place.  Makes the site consistant.

Hope that helps,
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga
Check out something just released with Platform 9 Amsterdam to support this use case: https://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/9.0/default.htm#Reusing_eSpaces/Create_Your_Own_Application_Template.htm