Find usage in all espaces - shortcut Key
Service Studio
OutSystems 10

Find Usage has a shortcut key F12, but the Find usage in all espaces doesn't, would be very helpfull.

How about the ability to edit or even add your own shortcut keys ?
that's even better!
2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha

Hi guys,

I'm happy to announce that, since 10.0.807.0 Service Studio version (now in RC), we completely reviewed the set of shortcut keys available in Service Studio.

This means new shortcut keys that were missing and more consistency between shortcut keys (e.g. CTRL+N now works everywhere :D).

Also, from now on, just use Service Studio menu or the CTRL+SHIFT+K shortcut key and you’ll be able to see all the shortcut keys that are available in Service Studio:

A special thank to Matthias for your contribution, you can find your name in this version’s release notes:

I hope you all use and enjoy this feature! :)