"Search for text" as default search mode in Service Studio

Service Studio
on 01 Oct 2016
OutSystems 10

Service Studio > Top-right search box: When you type some text, which is not immediately recognized as ation/entity etc., the default action is "Search forge". So if you type text and press Enter - the forge starts to open (in previous version it was "search comunity", I think). To search in the eSpace, you have to specifically select this option with your mouse (or keyboard).

I believe that text search over the eSpace is much more popular usage of this control than searching in forge. Personally, when I actually want to find something in forge (which is quite rare) - I don't even use this functionality, because it doesn't come to my mind. At best I would go to "outsystems" menu, or open the site.

So I think it would be better if "search for text" is the default option there, and you don't have to navigate to it every time.

Created on 16 Dec 2014
Comments (2)
I agree!  You have no idea how many times I ended up in the forge when I just wanted to find the name of a widget or action in my eSpace.
You can use shortcut CTRL+R