Assign - Delete Variable and Value improvements

By Tiago Neves on 11 Apr 2015
At this time (version the way we can edit an "Assign" widget is better but could be improved:
We can delete the line "Variable" or "Value" with a shortcut (SHIFT + DEL), but we have to do it for both lines. My Idea has 2 points:
1. When clicking the "down arrow" (see image) we should see at the end an option called "Delete Variable" or "Delete Value"
2. When we make "Delete Variable" (either with the shortcut SHIFT+DEL or by using my option 1 click) both the "Variable" and "Value" lines should be deleted.

a) if we make delete on the left side of the assignment ("Variable") that assignment should be deleted ("Variable" + "Value").
b) if we do it just on the right side of the assignment ("Value") only the value would be deleted.

J.15 Apr 2015
yeah, could have some loving...

Tiago Neves15 Apr 2015
It has mine and it's easy to implement...
Kilian Hekhuis20 Apr 2015
Something very obvious that has been missing for a long time. I sometimes have assignment widgets with a dozen assigments or more, that I need to split for example, and that's really a pain.
I've opted this one in version 4.2 of the platform.
It just makes so much sense to do it that way.