Be able to add logic to an entity.

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I have logic that must occur every time a new record is created for a given entity.  These records can be created from different places but in each case the same logic must always occur.  It would be great if I could add logic to the entity which would then always be processed.  Example I need to add the user who created or modified the record as well as when it was created or last modified.  I would like to add this logic once and not have to worry that when someone else adds to this record that this functionality will be missed.
Created on 2 Sep 2015
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Hi Sophia,

For that example you can create an user action public with that login inside and in the end call the createorupdate of the entity.
Also for more complex logic you can use process (BPT).
It would indeed be nice to have an OnCreate, OnMofify and OnDelete action associated to an entity.
It should be much more easier to wrap entities by custom actions.

(and be able to do the same with entities from an extension)

Yeah, hence my Idea here.