Allow display of static entities simliar to "IconName" from Rich WIdgets
Frontend (App Interfaces)
Development Environment Release 7

It would be helpful to allow selection of static entity values as a color or an icon when selecting values.  Simliar functionality as the IconName entity from Rich Widgets.

2016-04-21 20-09-55
Not sure if I understand what you mean by that?

It's already possible?
check RichWidgets Color entity?

I see the feature for feedback and the icon in Rich Widgets but I've never figured out how to add this to my own entities.
I missed this one, but definitely +1. @J: Unless I'm mistaken, Rebecca means to be able to add an Icon to each attribute value.

Iirc, this has been implemented in P11, more or less?

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on 19 Dec 2018

Hi Rebecca,

That was a great idea and we've implemented this late last year, improving not only the selection of icons on web, but actually, as you suggested, bringing this improvement to all static entity values.

Thank you a lot for you idea,

Tiago Simões