Facilitate the tracking of an user across screens and actions to understand user behaviour

on 07 May 2013
OutSystems 8.0
It would be important to present useful information, like screen load time and time on page, to understand user behaviour, assess difficulties and typical paths.
Created on 30 May 2010
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Adding Google Analytics to the footer of every page would already implement something like this feature. It would be nice if Outsystems could also expand the logging with such a feature.


would be very handy to track the path.

It's easy to implement: add a user filter in Screen Log Monitor
In version 8, the new End-User Performance Monitoring gives you metrics on application usage, from a user / browser point of view. This capability comes bundled with its own API, that collects info on every user request. Using this API you can correlate users with their path in the users screens, as well as how long it takes to load each page (frm a user point of view).
You can easily use this API in Service Studio to build custom dashboard based on user activity throghout the application.

Check the GeoPerformance component in the Forge to understand how you can use this API to extend it for your use casehttps://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/405/geo-performance/