Be able to view data in an entity, during development
OutSystems 10

Often when I am developing or testing, I need to view the data in an entity.  I would love it if I could have an option to view the data in the entity, without having to go to the Database or to first use the entity in an aggregate.  This is especially useful if I am updating data which will not be displayed on a form.

I do this all the time by just dragging the entitiy to any action screen, opening the aggregate that gets created and then undoing the change after I've seen what I need to see.  It's a good workaround for this problem IMHO.  If they implement the idea (found elsewhere) of enabling and disabling logic that would help with this.  I'm not sure, given the way things work now, how you could do this without an aggregate.  What happens when you want to link that entity to others, sort, filter, etc.  The aggregate already can do all that.