1-click publish + merge please :)

on 24 Sep 2014
OutSystems 9
Rewrite of the old post.

when you have a merge you have to do the following.

1-click publish
1-click publish again.

when you "forget" to do step3, you probably and up with another merge because people develop fast.

what did I want.... a 1 click publish, so I epxect this behaviour:

1-click publish
you have succesfully deployed the espace.

Created on 31 May 2010
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Hi Joosy,

Not sure if I understood your problem. Is it the saving time after a merge and just before 1 CP?


I don't want to click twice on the 1-click publish if I had a merge.

it could even be in the merge window.

merge only
merge and continue publish

Liked the idea then, do it again now.

It's for shure very annoing the True change keep showing on saving after a 1CP and merge.
Please add this, auto-publish immediately after the 1-click publish merge finishes. This would save me from having to do multiple merges from fast publishing coworkers. 
With Platform 9, if there are no conflicting changes, the merge is done automatically, and (once you confirm) the publish proceeds. The platform automatically detects who has changed what based on the original (base) version. 

After several usability tests, we decided to allow you to make the final decision, by confirming that you do want to "Merge and Publish". Doing it all automatically was causing users to feel they were losing control and that the platform might not be doing what you really wanted. It also allows you to forcely overwrite what the other developer has done, if so required, or open the merge window (hit Compare) to have better control over exactly what is merged. When that happens, the merge options are automatically preselected, so that you don't have to think about it that much.