Developer Online Class

In the online developer class forum. A search function would be nice. I don't like question that are asked before, so I go searching and search till I think:'Well oké I don't think I can find it.' That gives me a bad and unnacesary feeling.

I did not find this Idear either?

If there already is such an idear, please ignore and explain to me were or what is the sollution.

Greetz Hans

Agreed, I'd like a general search in the community instead of having to rely on Google to search through the forums. 
There is a search capability on the top right of every page, the magnifying glass symbol.  If you search there it provides results from many locations within the Outsystems site.  One of those is the Forums.  Just click that tab and you have all the relevant threads.  I use it all the time to make sure I don't post a question that already exists.  Isn't this what you want?

Hope this helps,

Sorry. Your so right its in the top right. 

It was not where I was expecting it. In my opinion it has to be like a filter os search term in the header of the list you are searching, but maybe its something I'm used to. I'll go and learn to look better next time before I make such an assumption.

Greetz, Nice day Hans
I can't believe I didn't see that haha. Thanks Curt! 

Hello guys,

Can I close this one?