Different colors Service Studio by environment

By Eduardo Caetano on 10 Mar
My idea is to change the service studio color depending on the environment that we are connected. This is to avoid publications in quality environment. Example: dev (green), quality (yellow) and prod (red).
J.11 Mar
Should you not be restricted by lifetime to publish in quality environments?

I like the idea.
I'm a developer but also admin for the other environments so sometimes (usually Monday morning) I sometimes develop in the wrong environment.
I want it to put severe WARNINGS and require confirmation when publishing to non-DEV. Not just a mere color change.

J - What happens is that you connect to QA or PROD to do a hotfix/patch or just to inspect code... then accidentally publish what should be DEV code to QA or PROD the next day when Studio connects you to QA or PROD by default. It's happened to me a few times now.

The different colors could also apply to Service Center.