Consume REST services: Update API methods

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Currently if you have two OutSystems applications, one that exposes a REST API method and the other that consumes the method, in the consumer application you can't see if the method was changed in the exposing application and refresh it.

It would be a good idea to have a "refresh REST API" option that refreshes all the consumed methods from a REST API, like we have for SOAP services (see attached image). Also, to have a warning message in a consuming application that "method x" was changed and you need to refresh that method.

For example, you have a method without input parameters that returns a list of records and you consume it in another application. If in the exposing application you add a mandatory input parameter to the method and then run the consuming application you will get an error message because your request to the service is incorrect.

When you open the consuming application in Service Studio you don't get a warning that one of the consumed methods  has changed and you don't have an easy way to update that method. You have to remove it and then consume it again and for this you need to know what was changed in the method.
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Created on 29 Mar 2016
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+1 from me. See also this discussion.


Definitely worth a +1

This would be very helpful.


Yes, still very much needed. especially suitable for services between apps


Very helpful indeed