Hello all,

I currently have 2 application. One for the backend which exposes a REST api and the other application is consuming that API.

When i create new actions in the exposed REST API (in the backend application) i have to delete consumed API from the other application and insert it again. This is the only way to get the updated/newly created actions from the exposed api.

Is there any way to update a consumed API to get the new/updated actions without deleting and adding it again?


Hi Niels,

I'm not sure what you mean. I work with the same kind of set-up: expose (back-end) and consume (front-end) a REST API. If I make a change, I update the consumed by double clicking the Method, or by adjusting the parameters. What problems do you encounter when you try this?
In your situation you described it is indeed easy. However, if you created a new method, you have to delete the API and add it again before the new method could be used.
Hi Niels,

I disagree with you. this is not at all what I encountered. You must be doing something wrong. Can you explain what problems you are having when just adding a method, and what the steps you are following that lead to this problems?
For example :

I updated the exposed API to this (i added the method "GetMultipleWagons"):

I consume the API in an other application:

How to update the API? Without deleting and adding it again? It would be nice to right click the api and 'update'
Hi Niels,

I take it you use the "Add all methods" button of the Consume REST API pop-up? In that case it's indeed not possible to refresh the existing API. I agree that's quite annoying. If you've added just a single method, the only thing you can do (safe for deleting/adding the whole API) is manually adding that one method.

EDIT: I just saw this idea, that's basically what you want.