New pricing for non-profit websites (blogs / forums)

on 29 Jun 2010
OutSystems 5.1
The current pricing is based on users that are using the application on a daily basis.

When creating a non-profit website where you can have peaks of more that 100 concurrent users, you can't use Outsystems, because of the user-based pricing.

It would be nice if there is something like a non-profit edition, without the restrictions of the free edition.
Created on 7 Jun 2010
Comments (3)

It is possible, by making your own usermanagement layer and not use the build in Enterprisemanger layer.

That's a good idea, but then you also have to create your own login system etc.

Also the restriction of the software units still exists, and creating your own layer is also consuming a lot of these units.

It is a work-around, but not a good solution.
Hi Remco Dekkinga,

Your wish has been granted already!

Since version 5.1, the Agile Platform Community Edition has unlimited users. For a small web site, you can now use the Agile Platform for free.