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on 16 May 2016

It will be very helpful to know in some topis that the question is already fixed or something like that.

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Created on 27 Apr 2016
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I interpreted you idea as "mark question as valid only for an older version of OS". That would be nice.

Usually the comments say if it is a bug and if it was fixed.
A visual way to know it would be great. But that would imply that the topic can't go a different way, what would mean closed topics.

Both seem improvements.
I would take this a whole lot further.  There are many, many threads that refer to capabilities that no longer apply or should no longer be used.  The most common I come across are references to Enterprise Manager which went away many years ago.  These should be marked deprecated in the same way Forge components are done.

The challenge of course is that some human must take a huge amount of time to examine each thread and determine what status it should have.  It is unlikely that Outsystems or anyone else will pay for said human.
Tell ya what... get OutSystems to give you the functionality, and you can go through the thousands of posts marking them... this is just WAAAAAAY too much work.