Make sending of mail RFC 821 compliant. (greylisting.org)

on 29 Jun 2010
OutSystems 5.1
 Sending mail wil now generate the following error:
Error sending email 1504: 451 4.7.1 message delayed, see https://www.greylisting.org ; Please try again later

Outsystems should try to send the mail at a later time when sending mail to an agent which has greylisting.org implemented.

Created on 8 Jun 2010
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The built-in emails sent with the Agile Platform 5.x should work as described, and retry later.

Can you be more specific in your requirement? Are you using the richmail extension?

Hi Lucio,

The first line is the message I saw in the errorlog.I assumed that the mail gave an error, since the platform monitoring also showed that there were errors with the mailprocessing. After all mails were send the platform monitoring showed 0 errors in mails, but I was still confused if the mails were all send successful, since I had the errors in the error-log.

Maybe only a more clear errorhandling would do the trick.

Thank-you for clearing the context.

What you are describing is the expected behavior. We log the "please try again later" as a transient errors to expose why are mails being delayed.

If that is the expected behavior, this idea can be ignored.

This means it's done ;-)
Already Done.