Embebed Systems with JavaScript
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OutSystems 10

Embebed systems with JavaScript, and a API with integration to OutSystems.

Something like a JavaScript Integration Studio
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga

With OutSystems 10, visual models, specifically in Client Actions can be fully extended with Javascript snippets. You're also able to include dependencies to javascript modules, which the platform will embed in the right order in the generated apps. Still work in progress for web applications.


There are zillions of JavaScript libraries available, and one of them may have just what your app needs. So go ahead and reuse it!

Does your script depend on others? Add them all, and define their direct dependencies. OutSystems automatically ensures that each of them will be loaded in the right order.

With the new JavaScript element, the code is integrated into your model; it can get input parameters from the model, and call visually modeled actions.  Working with JavaScript is much more efficient with a new full-blown JavaScript editor. It brings autocomplete, line numbers, syntax checking, and even automatic refactoring or error checking when parameter or action names are modified!