If a Query Condition is OK, don't make us close the pop-over window before we close the Query Condition window.
Service Studio
OutSystems 5.1
When building a query in the Query Condition window and after hitting the Verify button a dialog window pops over with the system message.

It would be nice to be able to move-on without having to close that window, especially if the expression is OK.

Perhaps if the expression is OK, place the message as an expression to the right of the Verify button.  That would allow us to continue with one less window to close.  But still present a pop-over window if the expression is not OK so that our attention is drawn to the error information.

2013-05-16 15-48-18
From 5.0 on, there's a red border around the text box of the query condition editor if there's any error. So if the red isn't there, you can be positive that the verify button will say OK, so you really don't need to click it.

In 5.1, this has been further improved, and when there's an error in the query condition, a red underline is shown on the condition in the query tree, to give you extra awareness if everything is error-free or not.

Hi Jeffre,

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed this was very annoying and because of that we have improved it in 5.0, as Gustavo explained, and in 5.1 we will improve even more.


Manuel Diaas