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Please "fix" the community search so that it allows the searching of a combination of words. 

Currently, when you enter more than one word in the search, it returns a union of results, meaning all the results for your first word and all results for your second word. I would like only the results returned that are in the cross section of those result sets. So any result that features both words. This would greatly narrow down the number of results of a search and be way more useful in finding anything on the community. Currently, this can be a real pain.

If this idea already exists, then this would be the best proof of the fact that this change/fix is needed, because I couldn't find it.

I guess everyone adores the current community search? I'm sorry, but I find it unusable. I have better luck using google search on

2020-02-04 07-58-32
Matthias Preuter

Add Google Custom Search to the community pages?

Hi there

This idea is implemented. Can you please check if it's working as expected?

Thank You

Ana Sequeira