[Table Records] - Conditional Row / Column highlight
Frontend (App Interfaces)
OutSystems 5.0
It would be very nice if we could highlight the background of a row and column conditionally.
This as an indicator for e.g. Unpaid invoice (overdue) or to indicate a value is below a certain treshold.


Hello Eric,

You can use the Extended Properties to conditionally apply a different style to a table cell. Although this is easy enough to do for a column, it's not very practical when trying to affect the entire row.
2013-05-16 15-48-18
Since 5.0, you now have the Row widgets, so it's also easy to do at the row level, just use an extended property on the data row of the tablerecorsd and use some calculation that uses TableRecords.List.Current or TableRecords.List.CurrentRowNumber
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your feedback, I can definately work with that.

Although; It would be nice if column / rowcoloring could be a default parameter for the tablerecord.


5.0 solves it as Gustavo mentioned. The this is supported is actually cool because it allows it support it supports a vast amount of scenarios in addition to the background coloring.
Already Done.