Ctrl+N to create anything
Service Studio
Development Environment 10.0.807.0

When you are adding fields to an entity you are able to do it using shortcut CTRL+N but when adding parameters on advanced Query you are not.

It was nice to have this concept to create anything.

Hi guys,

This should be everywhere it's obvious what you should create, indeed!!

Besides AdvancedQuery's parameters I also found:

- Create entities when you use CtrlN in the  "Database" in eSpace tree

- Create static records when you useCtrlN in the "records" folder

- Create UI flows when you use CtrlN in the "UI Flows" folder

Do you have more examples?

Some more:

  • “LocalStorage” folder => new client entity

  • “Client Actions” folder => new client action

  • “Server Actions” folder => new server action

  • “Roles” folder  => new role


Hi guys,

Good news: I already fixed this little issue and it will be released in the next patch of platform 10!!

Here is a list of all the scenarios covered (a loot :P):

  • Structure
  • SiteProperties
  • EntityDiagram
  • Entities (in database folder)
  • Client entities (local storage folder)
  • UI Flows
  • Advanced Query parameters
  • Client actions (even inside folders)
  • Server actions (even inside folders)
  • Roles
  • User exceptions
  • Themes
  • Scripts
  • Processes
  • Timers

Now let's create elements with the keyboard ;)

Great News! :) I'm sure it will increase productivity on scenarios where you need to add several items.

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on 05 Mar 2018

Hey Jãoo,

Thanks a lot for your idea! This improvement was already implemented and released in Service Studio 10.0.807.0 and now CTRL+N works in almost every element in eSpace tree!

Hope you like it:)