2018-05-04 12-26-50
Gonçalo Veiga
Allow user to easily control the linecount of a table
Frontend (App Interfaces)
OutSystems 9.1

This has been requested again and again by users

Hi Gonçalo,

Can you give more detail on what you're proposing? Do you want to dynamically set table widgets line count?
2018-05-04 12-26-50
Gonçalo Veiga
That's exactly what I mean. Basicaly to be able to put an expression on the line count property of the Table or List widget.
Wouldn't you do this be setting how many rows are returned in your query?
To give end users a way to choose how many lines are shown per page in a table the LineCount property has to be read/write or accept a variable. This cannot be done by modifying the query.
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga

Thank you for the feedback.

It is now possible to have a dynamic expression in the Line Count property (since 9.1 Bali). Enjoy