Color the IF connectors Green and Red

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After yet another bug with swapping an IF... could the True connector be GREEN and False RED? Thought i already posted this idea years ago, but couldn't find it...

Created on 23 Dec 2016
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23 Dec 2016

Interesting thought.

Be careful about the colourblind people.

Furthermore, it should not become  a christmastree

23 Dec 2016

Maybe a Red false is enough

23 Dec 2016

+1 on idea, +1 on softening up the color intensity

30 Dec 2016

Yes, this is a common bug that could be easily spotted just by visually analysis.

Maybe instead of coloring the arrows, just coloring the "True" and "False".

Whatever the solution adopted, for me, this is +1 for improving our low-code. :)

+1 on the idea, +1 for only the red one. Because it shouldn't look like a Christmas tree like J. is saying.

30 Jan 2017

Also a Red one for the otherwise in Switch

30 Jan 2017



I would like to see this feature. Sometimes application stops working because of wrong if connectors. This one will expedite the debugging process.

To avoid having a Christmas tree, as J. says, maybe playing with the thickness of the True or False arrow would help.