[Service Studio] Run + Open in browser
Service Studio
OutSystems 4.0
When I RUN an eSpace, 100% of the times I want to open it in the browser.
So, there should be a RUN wich would automatically do a open in browser with just one click. So we don't need to wait for the application being ready to open with the browser and then click another button.
It could be a F7 (I don't know if it does anything), a new combination of keys (CTRL + F6) or a new icon on the toolbar.
It could also be an option/preference in Service Studio, where we would activate/deactivate the open in browser automatically with RUN.

2013-05-16 15-48-18
Hi Carlos,

Run already has that abbility, just select the entry you want in the combo box just to the left of the run button, and when you do a run, that entry will be automatically open in the browser.
Sorry, I never changed the value on that dropdownlist. I always just press the run button. 
I knew this was so simple that maybe it was already done.


(there should be an option where the author could close his ideas..)
Already Done.