Environments management

Service Studio
on 28 May 2017
OutSystems 10

When logging into Service Studio, it seems to remember the last 6 environments you connected to.

If you have a client with 5 or more environments, a personal environment, 2 partner environments, this list is never complete since only the last ones are saved. Either allow for a bigger history (last 20 for example), or allow for a complete management of environments where you can predefine the ones you want. This could include hostname, username, password, color coding, etc...

Created on 29 May 2017
Comments (3)

Hi Tim,

That's a great feedback that we also had from other developers and architects.

This is being tackled as we speak and will probably be available in future minor versions.

Stay tooned ;)


Great to read that. Looking forward to seeing it appear in a future version.

Hi Tim,

Can you please confirm that is was already solved in version 10?