Documentation for critical setup

Most critical setup task are undocumented, like integrating an app to authenticate against an LDAP or Active Directory.  This task should be documented because are required in more than 90% of the clients.

The dependence on support and forums curtails the productivity and add too much time, due to the trial and error methodology that had to be used.

I thinks this critical task should be documented extensively in order to allow a fast and reliable approach to achieve them.

2016-01-12 10-35-24
Paulo Ribeiro

Hello Robert,

When you opened this idea, we didn't have documentation on how to configure end-user authentication with Active Directory or LDAP for OutSystems 10. However, we took your feedback into consideration and have added this chapter to the OutSystems 10 documentation in the meanwhile:

In case you are looking for the configuration of external authentication providers for IT users (developers, DevOps engineers, administrators), you should check this article instead:

Please let us know if this helps and feel free to send feedback, either in reply to this idea or by using the "Leave feedback" feature at the bottom of each documentation page.

Thank you!

2016-01-12 10-35-24
Paulo Ribeiro
Changed the status to
on 08 Jan 2018

We now have the content that was requested in this idea.

Thanks, Mr. Ribeiro and team.  That's great!