Add an option in Service Studio to show all applications
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There are some applications (like SilkUI, Templates, ...) that aren't shown in Service Studio application list. We can have an option in the preferences to "show all applications".

2018-05-27 17-06-57
Paul Schmeddes

Why would you want that? You can already see all applications in the service center. Service Studio only shows you the applications that are editable.

To clone, to check what's installed in the environment, to easily open an application and check the code. It's not something that we cannot leave with, but sometimes I "feel" that I'm not able to watch all the things that I have in the environment.

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2019-11-12 17-31-26
Justin James

This ks very frustrating, you need to do something with a system module (even if you just need to clone and see how something works), or you get an error related to one, and you search for it and you can't find it, and it is very confusing. I am a veteran user and I still get confused by this and end up going to Service Center anyways. These should be visible, just read-only or mandate a clone to edit (the way it already works)... just... let me see them in Service Studio. One suggestion (not mine, but a great idea) would be to put them in a separate folder or location in Studio so the separation is obvious.


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Hey José,

Thanks a lot for your idea!

I'm happy to announce that from now on you can see Applications that are supported by OutSystems such as OutSystems UI and Templates.

Hope you enjoy it!