Dynamic tooltips
Frontend (App Interfaces)
OutSystems 9

It would be nice if you could use dynamic data (variables) in the texts that appear as tooltips. If this was the case you could show the user context-depended information.

I know you can solve this with the balloon pattern but then you need to do a couple of things whereas filling a tooltip is just filling in a text.

There is a workaround for that, you can create an extendend property named "title" to pretty much any screen widget and set it to whatever you want.

Still, it yould be nice not to resort to workarounds. :)
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga

The default Title property on elements - which is used as the source for tooltips on the elements that support it - is now an expression, meaning it can be dynamically calculated.

Also, as Carlos mentioned, the extended properties allow you to control specific html elements based on the need (e.g alt attributes for images, etc.) that might not have the Title attribute.