Web Developer Certification Exam - CountDown

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The exam application for Outsystems certifications doesn't have a time countdown. 

Since it's made inside the ProctorU's "SecureBrowser", you never know when it will end, because the application hides the system clock. 

Since you're not allowed to use a smartphone, you either have a watch or you're on your own figuring it out by the sun position.

This greatly increases anxiety, examinees easily loose track of time.

Created on 31 Oct 2017
Comments (5)
1 Nov 2017

You're on your own figuring it out by the sun position.

What if the sun isn't shining though? The anxiety would be even worse!

2 Nov 2017

Yeah, that's pretty annoying, would be nice to at least have the current time or something.

6 Nov 2017

Very complicated! Especially for those who are already eager nature. A clock would be reasonable.

Very complicated. I felt difficulties in the exam, because i had no idea of the time that was lacking for the end.

13 Mar

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