Web Developer Certification Exam - CountDown

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The exam application for Outsystems certifications doesn't have a time countdown. 

Since it's made inside the ProctorU's "SecureBrowser", you never know when it will end, because the application hides the system clock. 

Since you're not allowed to use a smartphone, you either have a watch or you're on your own figuring it out by the sun position.

This greatly increases anxiety, examinees easily loose track of time.

Created on 31 Oct 2017
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You're on your own figuring it out by the sun position.

What if the sun isn't shining though? The anxiety would be even worse!

Yeah, that's pretty annoying, would be nice to at least have the current time or something.

Very complicated! Especially for those who are already eager nature. A clock would be reasonable.

Very complicated. I felt difficulties in the exam, because i had no idea of the time that was lacking for the end.

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Said the same to some people, so I'm giving my +1 here!

This could really help. It would be even better if the user could choose whether to see or not the clock (talking about it with some friends, some of them told me that they would be nervous seeing the clock).