Exclude recommended applications from AO count

Hi there. 

In order to respect the architecture principles defined by OutSystems, it is recommended that developers install the Discovery application. The application is extremely useful and very necessary, but is only used to validate the architecture and it has about 50 application objects... 

I believe that applications such as this should should not be considered in the Application Objects count, for licensing purposes.

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Completely agree with you Maria, specially for small projects where you have limited AOs.

2016-04-21 20-09-55

Why should you have discovery on production server anyways?

2022-07-06 03-36-19

I agree with J. One shouldn't have the discovery application in the production, or test environment even.

I don't have it installed on the production environment, I am talking about projects with limited application objects on the development environment.

Agreed. The main tools that are "mandatory" to keep the minimal quality of an application and recommended by Outsystems, could be provided by "free". Or be part of the Outsystems platform.

2022-07-06 03-36-19

I maintain that certain tools/apps should not be deployed to test or production environments, but I will concede on one point and agree that referenced system entities should not be included in the AO count of an application.


The applications are not deployed to test or prd. I am talking about development environments with limited AO objects, such as 200, where the 50 AOs from Discovery, for example, make a huge difference.

2022-07-06 03-36-19

Okay in that scenario I agree. I was not aware that you have a limited AO development environment.

2018-04-06 14-15-37
Pedro Martinho
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on 01 Dec 2017

Hi Maria,

Thank you for your input!

We're glad that you see value in our Discovery application!

The Discovery application is not meant for the production environment and the only current edition with a capacity limit in development is the One edition. 

The One edition is meant to build one or two apps and is limited to 200 AOs. The development environment is limited to the same 200 AOs as it would be impossible to move to production more than that without upgrading to an Enterprise edition (the One edition does not scale in capacity). 

However in order to solve the issue you reported we have added 200 AOs as grace to the development environment. Effectively the environment is limited to 400 AOs and our clients get a warning when they're close to the 200 AO limit in development as well.

I'm marking your idea as implemented as I believe the current configuration solves the issue, do let me know if that is not the case.


Hi Pedro,

Thank you for your answer and for bringing some good news :)

When will the change from 200 to 400 AOs take place?


Is any SUs ugrade planned for dev environment?

2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha
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This is a fundamental component to work with Outsystems.

It shouldn't cost you 25k SUs.

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see: Exclude recommended applications from AO count

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