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I'm brand new to OS, and started in the Mobile area.  I was impressed with the logic flows I was able to create and, when needed, I loved being able to add the Javascript Widget, pass in and out parameters, and get work done.

Then I moved to the Web side and spent a day trying to figure out where the Javascript Wdiget was... and generally trying to call just a couple of lines of Javascript.  It feels clunky, unsupported, and generally forgotten.  To call a Javascript function with parameters I must do this...

"getRandomNumbers(" + inputNumbers.Id + "," + randomThree.Id + "); return false;"

I feel I've gone back 10 years.  In some places I am forced to write Javascript all within quotes.  How is that even possible to do?  To test?  And there's no Javascript syntax checking.  No autocomplete.  No picking OS Javascript functions.

I know this violates the low-code paradigm, and found that some users are quite militant about this, but sometimes a bit of Javascript is needed.  Did you deliberately make this difficult to discourage it?

Please, please duplicate the Mobile Javascript Widget for the Web side.  Add "Client Actions".  Working in the Mobile side is lovely.  Switch to Web and I feel like I've lost some very basic tools.



I think the Javascript Webblock of Mobile will become to the Web part too some day :)

A lot of people would like to have it.

It isn't that this is "done on purpose" or that it "violates low-code" or anything like that.

It's that the mobile stuff got a total, complete re-write for version 10, and instead of basically just being "the same as the Web, but with mobile-optimized themes", it is now a completely different system. What you are seeing on the Web is simply "what we've had for 15 years now" and it needs to get the same kinds of updates that mobile did.

The same is true for "Client Actions". Part of the re-write of mobile is that now it is using a React single-page-application instead of traditional multi-page, server-side rendering.

Anything you see where the mobile stuff seems significantly better/easier/different from Web, is stuff that was new for mobile in version 10.


Justin, I'd love to see "Client Actions" in web version as well. Do you know if it is planned to incorporate that functionality in the web? 

Roman -

I have no knowledge of the roadmap, sorry! (I don't work for OutSystems)


Got it. Thank you though.

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on 02 Oct 2018

Hi David,

You are right web was lagging behind, but now we've fixed it. We've implemented your idea (and then some) and new web apps can now be very similar to mobile apps.  You can read all about Reactive Web Apps on our forum post.

Thank you for your idea. Keep them coming, we are listening.