Chat with other users of the community

The same way is possible to chat with Outsystems employers I would like to be possible to open a chat option with other user of the community

Hi Marcelo

This is something I have discussed with Outsystems and they say that currently they don't want to allow community members to chat with each other through community.

But I would still like to have this feature.


We can send private message to each other. Chat is not that different.

Hope they implement this.

Hello guys!

I don't have plans to implement this. Besides, we already have the private messages app. So maybe we should improve the private messages instead of creating a new channel.? What do you think?

Hi Ana,

I already posted ideas about both subjects and for me would be more important to improve the private messages since I talk with a couple of persons through them.


Problem with Private message is that we need to create message and then start the conversation which is not like chatting.

Hello ,

That's why the private message experience needs to be improved. To be seamless to everyone.

Ana Sequeira

Changed the status to
Working on it

Hi guys,

we are working on improve the community private messages. You will be able to talk with more then 1 person and share the message with all of them, real time. The notification email of a new message will be send to you, like the currently experience . Let me know what you think.


Ana Sequeira

Changed the status to
on 30 May 2018

Hi Marcelo,

Another idea implemented. Congrats

This is great!!

Ana Sequeira