Edit option for Idea's reply

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on 12 Mar 2018

We see that when we give reply  to some posts on Forums, we can edit our reply within half hour but when we reply to Idea, we cannot edit the reply and unnecessarily had to add one more reply to complete the above reply if we miss something in first reply.

So I would like to have an option to edit reply of Idea at least for hal hour.

Created on 20 Dec 2017
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Hello Suraj,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We'll add your idea to our backlog and implement it as soon as possible.

Stay tuned! :)


Ricardo Reis

Nice one Suraj, loved it!

Glad this will be implemented :)

Ricardo and Vasco I am glad that I could contribute something and you loved it.

Changed the status to Implemented

Hi team,

This idea was implemented with the new Community Ideas revamp

Hope you like it!

Ana Sequeira