Lifetime: After I validate apps, Do Nothing applications should not be visible
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when we deploy from one environment to another and once we validate what is being deployed, we should not be able to see applications which are not being deployed. So  it would be nice to exclude Do nothing in final stage so that I can count how many applications are being deployed and click on Continue.

We have 100+ applications and components installed and every time it is difficult to scroll down to see how many greens are there.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hey Suraj,

What you're requesting is the same that you see on the following step: Deployment Plan to <Env Name>.

What is the benefit of this instead of the following step?



Hi Suraj,

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate. 

Hope I have good news for you!

As announced in the last Next Step, we will deliver a new LifeTime staging experience which will help customers with a high volume of applications. 

Stay tuned. :)

We will announce it here:


Joao Bento

Hi Armando,

In deployment plan though we are adding no of application to be deployed, at final stage we are seeing all apps.

My requirement is that when I go to the final stage of deployment, I should not be able to see applications which won't be deployed to another environment and those applications are represented by Do nothing. 

Benefit of this is that at final stage of deployment, I will be more sure that only applications which should be deployed are selected  and no overhead to cross check if anything from Do nothing is selected or not.

Hope this is clear.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Joao,

Thanks for the updates and I will stay tuned :)


Suraj Borade