Improve automatic data type setting behavior when renaming a variable

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When you name a variable the Outsystems platform automatically sets a data type based on that name. When you create a new variable, this behavior is mostly correct and helpful. Sometimes however, the platform is just plain wrong in guessing the data type. No sweat, you change the data type manually and the problem is solved, so you would think...

However, when you now copy that variable and change the name of that copy, the platform again tries to guess the data type and, yes, again it guesses wrong. Even when you rename the original variable the same thing happens: wrong data type again. The result of this behavior is that you have to manually change the data type again, and again, and ... yes, every time you rename a variable! This becomes a frustrating exercise very fast!

To prevent this issue I would like to propose that setting the data type of a variable automatically is NOT performed when either,

- the data type was set manually by the developer

- the variable was copied

Please vote for implementing this if you agree.

Created on 29 Jan 2018
Comments (2)

Hi Frans,

Thanks a lot for your feedback, actually you are not the first commenting this.

We'll take a look at it, and I'll probably invite you to give us feedback on the proposed solution ;)