SS: check on which eSpace version was a particular screen or action changed
Service Studio
OutSystems 6.0
At SS, web screen or action level, present an option to check the eSpace published version that first includes the current state of the screen / action, and who published it.

Perfect to quickly identify causes for any issues that appear on production versions.

Another idea to the soup, related to that one.

nd yes, this is shameless self-idea promotion. Sue me.
2018-05-04 12-26-50
Gonçalo Veiga
This idea is related with Object history - for example, last user which changed the screen/webblock/action and when but using a different (interesting) perspective.
Although not exactly the same thing, since version 6.0 you can see who changed every object in your eSpace and when, which serves a similar purpose.

Awesome, thanks!!

On 7.0 you can add a "Zap developer" button next to that ;)