[BPT/EPA] Get the functionaliity to ServiceCenter instead of Enterprise Manager

Service Center
on 19 May 2011
OutSystems 6.0

Now most of the functionality for BPT is in Enterprise Manager. However service center is the central console for all apps on a server.
It would be nice to have all functionality shifted from Enterprise Manager to ServceCenter.

We are developing an application where autorization and user management is in an external app. So there is no need to use Enterprise Manager. And to me, more applications will rely on autorisation/user management externally.

Or better, move it  all to the EPA taskbox eSpace !!

Created on 22 Jul 2010
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Wish granted!

With 6.0, out of the box, the EPA Taskbox only depends on the Users, Roles and Groups entities which are all system entities.
You can even specify which is the "Effective User Provider" for the EPA Taskbox to identify its "source of users".

In addition to that, if you're upgrading from 5.1 and want to keep Enterprise Manager, you can just set the "Effective User Provider" to it and EPA Taskbox will automatically start using its security model.