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Platform Server Release Oct.2019 CP6

The standard behavior for navigating in a list by pressing the back button, while make you loose the point you were at.

Example: have a list of customers, enter the detail and then go back either with browser back button or app back button, and land on where you left (keep all the variables of the list context like filters, ordenation, page, etc).

You can low code it your self but would be nice to be standard behavior.

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Hi Diogo,

That's a great idea. We're working on the next generation of web applications that should provide that behavior out-of-the-box. We'll have some news about it soon.

Tiago Simões

Great news Tiago! Looking forward to see it out!

Thank you for the feedback.


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on 31 Oct 2019

Hi Hugo,

Somehow this idea flew under the radar, but this, along with other ideas, inspired us to deliver reactive web apps, that try to keep the scroll position of lists when you navigate backwards.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and keep it coming,
Tiago Simões