OFFSET and NEXT ROWS part of an Aggregate

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Looked at the Large List Navigation Sample in the Forge today, I think this should be part of the Aggregate for faster lest memory intensive data fetching.

Created on 26 Mar 2018
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That project on forge is mine, and I think it can also be implemented in scaffolding for lists.

I wonder whether this is the way to go for large data sets. Apparently (see here and here) there is an increasing performance penalty as one accesses "pages" closer to the end of the result set. An alternative is to apply the "seek method" (see here for more details). There's a discussion going on this topic in the forum. Follow it here.

Hi Everyone

Came up on this problem recently on the aggregates. I understand the OFFSET-NEXT performance penalty when compared to the Seek method, but I still think that this should be implemented on the Aggregate's optimized SQL, as it is sure to have better performance than the 'Select TOP (n)'  that is being currently used. That will lead to even worse performance as a user browses further back since it will bring more and more records from the query. 

@OutsystemsTeam any updates on this (IMHO) excellent idea?