Hi guys,

I want to know if someone have already used offset and fetch from SQL in your projects?

It is a SQL standard that can be used in SQL Server database, Oracle, MySQL, etc ? The standards databases for OutSystems plataform.

I made a forge sample Large List Navigation and I think that is a good performance ideia, and already Matthias Preuter post on ideias too OFFSET and NEXT ROWS part of an Aggregate.

I wanted to create a discussion in the community to know if this solution is good to use in large scale projects and if it would even be possible to integrate into Service Studio through the functionality of scaffolding and aggregates.

Let's talk about this?

Thanks in advance,
Alexandrino Galveia

Hi Alexandrino,

I wonder if the OFFSET-FETCH method is the way to go, from a performance perspective, whenever we are dealing with large data sets. I found some people arguing that the "seek method" should be used instead. The argumentation can be found in the links available on the post I just did before seeing this one of yours.



Hi Pedro,

My goal in this discussion is to come up with an optimized solution, because I have not implemented it in any project, I'm just testing and receiving inputs from the community.

Thank for your input and the reply.