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On idea list page, we have counter which shows how many views of that idea are there but it doesn't make sense to increase the count when Idea creator opens that idea several times and you will not be able to tell if those many people have really visited that idea. 

So in order to track the real views, please increase the counter only if people other than creator visits the idea.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

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Created on 2 Apr (3 weeks ago)
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3 Apr (3 weeks ago)

Changed the category to Community Ideas

23 Apr (yesterday)

HI Suraj

Do you think creators will open the idea constantly to increase the number of views? How does it happen on youtube?

Ana Sequeira

23 Apr (23 hours ago)

Hi, Ana.

In my experience, commonly in forums each user generates a single view at most (if the same user refreshes the page, the views would not be increased further).

Also, the current view meter is easily spoofed. This idea has over 2k views.

09:20 (12 hours ago)

Hi Caio and Suraj,

I deleted your idea since it was duplicated with this one. I'm not sure why someone takes time to constantly refresh an idea in order to increase the number of views. Views don't count to the ranking, so what is the issue with the current process?



11:23 (10 hours ago)

Hi, Ana.

I think its importance comes when doing a Likes to Views ratio. That way we can measure the overall interest of the community over certain ideas.