Using Templates to speed programming
Frontend (App Interfaces)
OutSystems 6.0
Version 5.1 brought us the amazing IntelliWarp engine. It already speeds up programming a lot, but it's limited to using that same template screen for listing and the other for editing.

I don't know if you're already thinking of this idea for version 6.0, but it would be great if we could design are own templates, for the IntelliWarp engine to use.

I believe this would increase the development speed even further and would help those who need resources in other languages other than English.

How would this be implemented?
Hi Robert,

The idea is to be able to create template files in Service Studio, that can be used on every oml.

You build a screen using widgets like you would normally do (like TableRecords, EditRecords, etc...) and after the screen is at your liking, you can save it like a template and instruct the Intelliwarp engine to use that, instead of the default.

This template would have to be saved at service studio level, so it could be reused in any oml.

I don't know exactly how it will work but there was a demo in nextstep about the 6.0 where there will be "themes" that can be applied to the screen flows altering the appearance of all the screens in them. :)
Also you could perhaps improve intelliwarp with the use of wizards for customization of the generated screens?!
Wish granted!

The Agile Platform 6.0 delivers, allowing you to define Themes which are leveraged by IntelliWarp for generating your screens.