New Members Page

I love the idea of the members page that was just added.  Unfortunately, the search by country will be a huge problem.  Doing a search for 'United States' for example shows about 25 people.  The reason for this is because the member profiles are not rigid enough in requiring an appropriate location.  For example, on my profile the location says Winston-Salem, NC.  I will never show up in my 'United States' search.  It's hard to tell whether the new profile pages will correct this.

Each profile needs to define fields for City, State/Province and Country (should be a drop down) for member profiles.  Then adjust the search to work with the new fields.

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on 12 Apr 2018

Hi Curt,

In fact, it was a bug in the way we were indexing the search on the directory page. Thanks to you, we were able to identify this critical issue and fixed it. Now, all the users that fulfilled the country field in the profile pages will appear in the list :)

Thak you so much.

Ana Sequeira