"Check for SS version update" option in SS menu
Service Studio
Development Environment 10.0.902.0

Basically doing the same as SS automatically does when it starts, but allowing the user to check it him/herself if he/she ignored the notification too quickly...

2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha
Merged this idea with 'Service Studio add "Upgrade now ..." function' (created on 29 Nov 2017 10:26:52 by JR)

It would be convenient to have a capability to check for upgrades on the Service Studio Help menu.

This means Users can upgrade when they are ready, directly from Studio.  

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2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha
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on 21 Aug 2018

Hey Nuno,

I'm glad to announce that your idea has been implemented recently and you can now heck for recent updates using a new menu option inside Service Studios. You can find your contributions in latest Service Studio's version release notes:


Hope you like it ;)