dropping a structure or entity on an assign should give us an option to generate assign-stubs for every attribute

Service Studio
on 18 Jun 2018
Development Environment 10.0.825.0


lots of times you want to assign all attributes to something.

when you map it to the different entity you get after 1-2 assigns the option for auto-assign, which is awesome.

However, there are times you need to do specific stuff (mostly in wrappers etc.)

so, when you drop a entity/structure on an empty assign it should create all (invalid) 

attributes as a variable.

this way developement speed can be even more faster :D

Created on 18 Apr 2018
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On our radar

Thanks for the suggestion!

Alternative to dragging over an empty assignment (follows same flow as dragging an identifier to the screen auto-creates an aggregate)

  1. Create local variable
  2. Drag Local Variable to the screen
  3. Have assignment automatically created
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on 18 Jun 2018

Hey J.,

Glad to announce that we have implemented this idea in Service Studio 10.0.825.0.

Thanks a lot for your contribution, this will make our developers' lives easier!

As usual, you can find your contribution in the product release notes:


Great to have it implemented.....

One remark/question/wish:  When you drag an item on the assign; If it has no label, create a default based on the variable. So when I drag "StructureX" on the assign, change the label to "Assign StructureX", "StructureX" or "Set StructureX" (Makes it easier to read for support tasks ;) )

Hey Patrick,

Thanks for the feedback, we already have that in our backlog ;)

Stay tuned!

Hey Vasco,

Awersome! Will check it out :D