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It would be nice to have some built-in list records, sort and filtering functions. Specially multiple columns sorting.

Application performance can suffer from a code-side sort or filter. (as can be attested through the use of LINQ for example), conceptually speaking the best way to ensure robust, fast sort and filtering should be centered in the database access.
Since sort is a common functionality, It would be good add a native built-in sort action (method) to sort recordlist (without using a 3rd party extension) 

Merged from 'Add an action with the ability to sort a recordlist' (idea created on 2016-01-04 23:30:50 by Robert Chanphakeo), on 2016-01-18 12:05:50 by Goncalo Borrega

Ricardo - In the case when you are dealing with data from a database then the "List Record" is not the best place to do filtering or sorting due to performance.

However when you are dealing with other sources (e.g. if the list comes from the results of a web service) then the "List Record" widget is the only place available.

I have one use case for filtering.

I call a service which returns multiple records each record pertains to a particular year. I want to display only records for a particular year. My process for this is:

Call the service get a Full List

Loop through the Full List and create a Display List

Attach the Display list to the "List Record" widget.

The "List Record" widget must loop through the list to create the display. I am sure it would be better to simply be able to specify a property on the List Record widget specifying Item.Year = CurrentYear and have the widget evaluate this property for each item.

This idea title mentions Sorting but the body mentions sorting and filtering. I will add a separate idea to highlight my issue which is about filtering.


I'm happy to announce that your idea is already available on the last release of the OutSystems platform 10.

Thank you for your time and collaboration in making OutSystems platform better.

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Gonçalo Borrêga
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