Allow to easily clean database

on 27 Apr 2015
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What about a button to clean the database?

We all know that while developing we test the application with dummy data that sometimes starts to be to much! A way to clean all that stuff would be nice :)
Created on 11 Aug 2010
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I agree...Nonetheless, you should have an option to sign that some specific tables should not be cleaned.
Following up on Diogo's, my suggested approach would be the wizard style screen with all the entities (and respective constraints reflection per colour coding) where you could tick the ones you wanted or ALL.
The new DbCleaner API was designed for this purpose. Check the documentation to understand the required privileges when using it.
As a lot of you mentioned, this is a very sensitive operation that we must ensure is only performed by the right person and under the right conditions.

This component at the Forge shows a small example of how to use the API. You can use it to adapt to your own security restrictions and policies.