Move Variables Up and Down in an Assign
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OutSystems 5.1
It is just a minor issue but it happens that I want to change the order of the variables in an Assign.
2011-06-15 10-51-22
Joop Stringer
Yes, very nice if this could be done !
Indeed a very nice one, and how about a different assignment lay-out.
Currently per assignment two lines on screen are used instead of only one

Looking at all other programming languages i know it's possible to do an assignment of a variable in one single row:


What's up with the Variable 1, Value 1 structure?
To be honest I can't  remember or imagine a situation in which I'd like to know the number of assignments that are made.
Also referring to an assignment is usually done by referring to the variable instead of referring to the assignment number / variable number.

This structure makes it very hard to do mappings to e.g. a structure.
I think there is a lot of improvement on the GUI side possible in that part.

This currently is a pretty common way for me to do mappings to an export structure; moving to a single-line assignment i'd be able to view twice the amount of mappings I can view now:

It would also be very good to be able to show one structure on the left hand and 'dragging' lines to map to the other hand.
Ofcourse mapping from multiple different sources would be a bit harder to do, however it's pretty common to map to a single output structure.

I hope this brings up some other ideas of improvement for that part.
It will speed up things a lot for me and I think for your overall GUI.
Note that the need to change the order of the variables (for my part) is mainly  when I add an attribute to an entity somewhere in the middle of the attribute list.


  • Id
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • VatNumber
  • E-mailAddress
  • Id
  • Name
  • Address
  • Zip Code
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • VatNumber
  • E-mailAddress
When I already have 1 on 1 assignments with each attibute of the client entity i'd like to have the assignments 'sorted' in the order of listing in the Entity.
2016-04-21 20-09-55

Yes, would be very cool.

instead of variable1,value1, one could see if it's a single assignment or a object-assignment, and when you click you will see a popup like this:

I'd like to add some suggestions previouly posted in the forum:

  • the ability to add a new Variable/Expression pair in the middle of the other assignments that are already defined in that node
  • use a thicker line to separate assignments (e.g.: between Expression 1 and Variable 2)
Thanks all for the great feedback on this issue. Although this was not part of the backlog for the next release, due to all your requests we decided to include it in the Agile Platform 5.1. Here is a mockup of what we are intending to provide in first cut:

Great work!

Hoping the "Variable1" and "Value1" text is dropped soon too.
I'm using Outsystems for a few months now and haven't found any supporting addition for this text.
It occupies 2 rows to do a single variable assignment instead of a single row.

Thanks for the feedback!
I am very pleased that this will be in the 5.1 release. Thanks for all the support on this issue. I was not the only one who thought this was a good enhancement.

Although I agree with Eric that it would be nice to bring a variable assignment to one row.

Something like this:

When this could be implemented too, it would be even more perfect.

This is one of the many small productivity and usability improvements in 5.1! Read more about 5.1 in this forum thread.

And, of course, thanks for you feedback!

Hi Guys..

Where is this feature? The last link doesn't open either..


This is very dubious to have to re enter assignments just to change the order.  Low Code,  Use text editors or partial to move up and down.  

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This can be done by using the shortcuts ctrl+up and ctrl+down.

Merged from 'Need to be able to change order of assignments in Assign List' (idea created on 2017-10-17 21:21:25 by Dean), on 2017-10-18 08:22:32 by Rodrigo Coutinho
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